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tcgtrf's Journal

15 June 1952
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tcgtrf was born in 1952, the son of a Lithuanian-immigrant war-hero farmer and a 4'10" torch singer. He was considered a child prodigy, and was measured as reading Freshman-college level science books at the rate of 750 words per minute when he was 8.

At 14, after watching an episode of the orginal Star Trek involving Klingon battle-cruisers, he invented differential calculus over the next three weeks, including a complete new symbology, since he had formally studied neither algebra nor geometry prior to this and had to discover the axioms necessary to do this and derive the proper results from them. He was crushed when he took his new discovery to his general science teacher and found that Newton and Leibniz had done this already three centuries before.

He took both the ACT and SAT tests, receiving perfect scores and entered the University of Illinois College of Engineering under a program in which poor children with high ACT scores had their tuition and fees paid by the State of Illinois.

He attended the UofI during the radical anti-war years, becoming a techno-hippie, which he remains to this day. After college, he worked in a manufacturing plant to support his wife and new daughter, working his way up from the assembly line to the head of Quality Assurance for the factory in 8 1/2 years.

After the plant closed during the '82 recession, he became a contractor for the Department of Energy, and working at the UofI and Fermilab, he ran the construction teams which built the majority of the muon detector coverage for the Collider Detector at Fermilab, which was activated in 1986 and discovered the Top Quark in 1995.

After a brief stint at the Supercollider in the Dallas area, he returned to the Champaign area and has worked since then in the educational field. He will retire for that world at the end of 2007 due to health considerations.

Hobbies include RPG tabletop and computer gaming, philosophy and writing. He was the leader of the Most Popular Supergroup on the Triumph server of City of Heroes at the first anniversary celebration in 2005.

He lives with his three wives and husband in a wonderful house in Champaign with seven cats--Mitzi, Merlin the Bit-Bit, Kitters, Rosemary P. Bittykitty, Emily Pollifax, Ruby Camembert and Camargo. Java the Mutt, a half-beagle/half-shepherd lives in the cottage in back.