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Saturday Afternoon Musings

.First of all, I want to thank everyone who has lj-friended me since the publication of Hell-Bound Train and ysabetwordsmith 's link to Dessert Course. I appreciate the nice things that each and every one of you have had to say and look forward to sharing more stories and opinions with all of you. You've made me very happy.

Lots of things going on right now:

I got an email from the moderator of the panel that I'll be on at Worldcon about the Hugo-winning books of Robert Heinlein. It looks like I'll be on the panel with Bill Patterson, arguably the world's top expert on the history of the man, as well as Toni Weisskopf, the current publisher of Baen Books. I expect that I'll be very, very quiet for most of the hour and ten minutes that I'll be up there.

I've also sent email to the person in charge of the Rising Stars track at Worldcon, which is devoted to newly-published writers. John Barnstead's going to make sure I've got at least ten books to take there to sign and sell at the Rising Stars reception and after my reading.

I contacted Pages For All Ages, the local indy bookstore, and will be giving them a sample copy to look at in the hopes that they can include me in their local author section. I want to do a home-town reading there, too.

On the advice of my webmistress, vulpecula6, I watched Like Water for Chocolate and loved every minute of it.  I really need to take a good look at the Central and South American "magical realism" schools of writing.  I think we have a lot in common in what we're both trying to accomplish.

Rest of the day ambitions--I've been trying to write an Urbanagora column on The End of Death for some time now and I just might have enough time this evening to accomplish that--we'll see.  If I get that done, probably play a little Mass Effect and then go out to a late-night caterwaul with the Marcey-wife when she gets back from Danville.

Oh, and I'll put up a little fairy-tale here that I wrote for my son and his new wife on their wedding-day at the beginning of the month.

Tom Trumpinski
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