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The Train Kept a-rolling All Night Long

 Well, John Barnstead made the official post, but I wanted to add my friends to the notice.

Riding the Hell-Bound Train is now, officially, in print.

You can get it directly from the lulu site at the moment.  When my lovely webmistress wakes up from her well-deserved rest (she just got hired on the chicken farm today), I'll switch it over to my website.

Thanks to my wives (Marcey, kitten, and Cheron), my editor (John Barnstead), my webmistress and publicist (Allie), and everyone else who first-read, posted, illustrated, held my hand, or pre-ordered.

It's been a helluva run.

Time to start on more Iona stories.

Tags: life, rule 8--finish, writing
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