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A Really Sexy Velveteen Rabbit

So, after taking a while to figure out exactly how to do it, my webmistress has my site up and running.  Right now, we have the Duckon reading listed and when I get more information on Worldcon and GenCon, I'll fill it in.

Here's the current plan:

Riding the Hell-Bound Train should be ready for sales on July 21st.  It is long.  I figure that it's around 285 pages in a 6x9 edition.  I am going to try to figure out a way to sell it for the lowest price I can and still make enough to make it worth my while.  I'm going to work in tandem with John to keep it low.  This may mean forgoing putting it on Amazon completely and just making it purchasable through the Peregrination Press website--I'll know more after he gets back in the office on the 20th.  If it's going to be a lot--more than $30, for instance, I'm going to cut it into two equal-sized volumes that'll be individually priced, so that people have the option to choose either my factual articles or my fiction (there's four completely new fiction pieces in the book).

On the site, on the story page, are four older stories from the book that are free for you to read.  They've all seen print before in either Urbanagora or my story blogs.  They're now in their final form--straight from the manuscript.

Once I have the book in print or perhaps a little before, I am going to be putting up new, original short stories on the website for purchase using PayPal.  I'll have a sliding scale depending on how long the story is.  The maximum I plan on charging for any story up through novella length is $5, with most stories ending up in the $3 or $4 range instead.  Once a story's been up for sale for three months, I will move it to the "giving it away" column, so no matter whether you have money or not, you can read my stuff.

People have asked me, "aren't you afraid of someone stealing your stuff?"  Come on, now.  If some poor son of a bitch wants to claim my stories as his, let him.  I've got the orignals with Mitzi's footprints on them.  The only problem would be if someone tried to sue me, claiming that the story he stole was his.  In that case, I have a very protective young man that looks upon me as his father-figure.  He works for DLA PIper.  'Nuff said.

Oh, and the cover art will be available on the website after the 20th.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

I am real.  I am real.

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