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First Draft done

The first draft of Ed Morgan's Ride is finished.  It'll go into the box for a month or two, then I'll bring it out and work it over and see if anyone wants it  It was worth any amount of angst to move it from my heart and brain to the page. 

I got my first professional check today--a $40 comp from Capricon.  I put a Xerox of it above my desk to remind me on dark nights that I am worth something.  Damn, that reminds me, I need to talk to the folks at Duck and Denvention to see how much I can get in front of people at those cons.  Cheron and I are going to talk with everyone else tonight about maybe going to Marcon, too.

We'll see.

Oh, yeah, the other thing:  They finalized my pension and I'm getting $244 more per month after taxes than I was originally.  Just put the check in the bank and we should get $1200 of our stolen money back from the Feds next week.  Worldcon's taken care of.


Tags: sf conventions, writing mechanics
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